Events & Activations

A. Event Management & Ticketing
We create immersive experiences that add the right professional and social value
to your brand. Our events team handles high-energy sports events and efficiently
manages end-to-end ticketing and sales concerning the region and audience.

B. Hospitality
Our team oers complete support to clients with their hospitality requirements.
Be it VIP invitations, bookings, stay, travel and more, we help you design and
deliver rich experiences to your guests.

C. Sponsorship Activation
Expert advice and network facilities offered by our activation specialists
contribute to guaranteeing and extending maximum benefits of clients’
sponsorship opportunities.

D. Digital Assets Generation

From generating individual player NFT art to a full-fledged Metaverse space
for a sports championships event, our team has embraced the digital transformation
domain for creating engaging and truly immersive experiences in sports.